11 June 2009

sarah - little menace on the loose!!!! - part 1

last night i was watching my all-time fav TV show, CSI then suddenly came this little menace clinging to my legs and starts biting my arm and hand....i was clueless of why she was so angry, tak tahu apa yg dia geram towards me (maybe coz i send her to the nursery, i guess) ......i was screaming in pain....when i made a fake cry to get her attention, she just smiles back to my showing her 4 growing little teeth!!!naughty and cheeky.....i attached photos to show you guys how Sarah can be very naughty....

this was taken during the 1st few minutes after she bites me

this was taken 2 hours after been bitten


Anonymous said...

kena gigit dgn dinosor ke?

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