18 March 2009

P.O.E.M (Only Getting Worse BY Bassel Samman)

Everyday is a bit worse than the day before
Yet people can surely talk but nothing more
They only pass judgment on others mistakes
Blame all problems on leaders taking stakes

They choose not to change during hardship
guarding standards of living on a sinking ship
Wanting a piece of the pie as the pie does rot
Throw in nothing and still want to lick the pot

14 March 2009

my worst nightmare is haunting me....again

i do have migraine problem back in high school....when migraine struck, it's bad...i have to take ponstant to ease the pain....sometimes it struck me for 2-3 days.... i have to be in bed and sleeps after taking the med....

when i was pregnant, it seems migraine went gone....alhamdulillah...for 36 months i've been carrying Sarah in my belly, not a day i have to endure the migraine......

but nowadays, and to be exact, for the past 2 months, it comes and haunt me again.....the pain is unbearable.....the worst thing that i have to do is i have wommit all the food that i have eaten....baru rasa lega..normally it struck when i had my breakfirst late in noon....


11 March 2009

kasut idaman

b4 married hari tu, kononnya nak search for shoes yang cantik for my wedding day.....here's a few contoh kasut yang berkenan di hati...semua nak kena beli online....

last-last beli kasut kat shopping mall....kasut tu pun ntah mana i simpan....hehehehe

04 March 2009

bebelan sarah

dengarkan bebelan sarah masa on the way balik from office....taken on 30/1/2009......