27 February 2009

gaya tidur my precious

gaya tidur masa umur 3 hari

gaya tidur masa umur 1 bulan

gaya tidur masa 3 bulan

gaya tidur masa 4 bulan

gaya tidur masa 5 bulan

gaya tidur masa 6 bulan - tk de la pulak.....

gaya tidur masa 7 bulan

gaya tidur masa 8 bulan

How Long Should My Baby Be Sleeping?

after i posted a blog regarding sarah's sleeping routine, i made some research about how long should sarah stays awake and how long she need to sleep in order for her no to be cranky.......this is what i found........

- birth to 6 or 7 weeks. Newborns sleep between 16 and 20 hours a day.

- 1 month to 3 months. Babies at this stage will need to sleep around 8 hours at night, and another 8 hours during the day, for a total of around 16 hours.

- 3 months to 6 months. During this stage, nighttime sleep increases and daytime sleep decreases. Your baby will probably sleep for about 10 hours at night, and need between 3 and 5 hours during the day.

- 6 months to 9 months. Babies at this age will sleep even more at night. Nighttime sleep will be around 11 hours. Daytime sleep will drop down to between 2 and 3 1/2 hours.

- 9 months to 1 year. Nighttime sleep stays steady at 11 hours. Daytime sleep may drop off slightly, from 2 to 3 hours.

- 1 year to 18 months. Here, they may add a little time sleeping at night, around 11 1/2 hours total. Daytime sleep drops to between 1 and 2 hours, where it will stay until after they are around 4 years old (or whenever they stop taking naps).

- 18 months to 3 years. Nighttime sleep will drop around half an hour every six months, so that at 3 years your baby will be sleeping around 10 1/2 hours a night. Daytime sleep will stay around the same.

If your baby seems to be getting too much sleep (more than an hour or more beyond the guide above) it could be indicative of another problem. If your baby refuses to sleep, this too can be indicative of a problem. If you have any concerns, you should speak with your pediatric health care provider.

sarah's sleeping pattern does not match the 1 that i put in red ink.....masalah negara ni....sarah tido siang byk...tido mlm skit....aiyooo....nak kena buat researh lagi aaa on how to introduce a healthy sleeping routine for sarah.......

gaya sarah tido siang hari di ofis

The Know-Your-Baby Quiz

after answering 10 questions on http://quiz.ivillage.com/cgi-bin/parenting/tests/knowyourbaby.cgi

the result is:-

So, just who is your baby?

The Textbook Baby
Your baby is predictable and thus fairly easy to handle. She does everything on cue, so there are few surprises with her. She reaches all the milestones right on schedule -- sleeps through the night by three months, rolls over by five and sits up by six. She'll have growth spurts like clockwork -- periods during which her appetite will suddenly increase because she's putting on extra body weight or making a developmental leap. Even as young as a week, she can play on her own for short periods -- 15 minutes or so -- and she'll coo a lot and look around. She smiles when someone smiles at her. Though your baby has normal cranky periods, just as the books describe, she is easy to calm. It's not hard to get her to sleep, either.

Infant From 6 to 9 Months

What your baby can do
  • Many babies are able to sit without support, although for the first couple of weeks you’ll need to stay close by to prevent him nose-diving out of his precarious new position - checked. Sarah dah boleh dok sendiri without support since end of 5 months.......
  • Many babies try to crawl, although it is often months before they are able to move at all, let alone crawl in the direction they want. Some babies never learn to crawl, but prefer to bottom shuffle their way around the floor - sarah baru belajar2 angkat-letak bontot tapi takut2 nak crawl. mcm kaki tersekat kat perut. almaklum ler, perut pun berlipat 3...hehehehe....tapi dia kalau letak dekat i, kjp tu dah ke depan..curious...bila masa budak ni blh bergerak laju smp ke depan...

crawl2.gif (15114 bytes)

walk1.gif (27840 bytes)

  • By around nine months your baby will begin to pull himself up to standing using whatever is handy at the time; perhaps the sofa or your legs. Once he is up he will probably just stand until he bumps down again, but it’s a great new vantage point, and it will increase his urgency to get on the move to examine all those exciting places he can see - yang ni sama gak..tak berapa nak master lagi....dia mmg leh bgn kalau she grab whole of our hands, tapi bila berdiri....goleknyer mengalahkan tarian bollywood....my mom said, dia tak merangkak, lutut tak kuat aa...
  • Now his fine motor control is developing and he will be able to stretch out with one hand to grasp small toys, pass them from hand to hand, let go with the first hand as the fingers of the other hand close around the toy, and examine them with concentrated interest
  • He can poke at small things with an index finger, and begin to point. He can also use the pincer grip - holding with the finger and thumb - to pick up small objects
  • He can put a toy down only when it is pressed against something firm, such as the floor or your hand. (But he won’t yet give the toy to you spontaneously)
kalau bab main toys, sarah have a habit of throwing away the one in her hands to get the other one kalau kita suakan dia ngan mainan lain....but above all, dia bukan suka sgt nak main ngan toys yang i dah beli berlambak tu...she still wants other things...like i bawa dia ke ofis everyday kan, apa yang dia nak main, kertas, buku, suka ketuk2 keyboard, stapler (yg ni i tk bagi main aa eventhough she's reach out for that), drawings, telephone (paling suka)....macam mana tu?????toys dia main kejap jer...then bored....

Language development 6-9 months

Your baby will love experimenting with sounds and will babble away to himself while in his cot or pram.

  • He will turn to your voice or a quiet noise from across the room, unless distracted
  • He will listen and watch adult conversations - tang ni mmg favourite sarah...kalau dgr org bersembang, mulut nganga memanjang, mata tak berkelip...ish ish ish...ikut perangai sapa la dia ni...
  • He can shout now and will let you know! He can also begin to sing a few notes of a familiar nursery rhyme - shout veeeeeery loud, expecially kalau abahnya tak bagi main ngan buku yg dia tgh baca...dah pandai emo...
  • He can combine syllables into long patterns and begins to change the pitch and tone just as you do when you ask a question

How you can help
  • Play ‘This little piggy’ and ‘Round and round the garden’. He will love the actions and the songs
  • Talk about the objects around you, so that he can match up things with their names
  • Use your baby’s name when you talk to him: ‘Where’s Jack’s hat?’
  • Look at picture books together

Toys for this stage

  • Stacking toys: these make use of his developing ability to organise the world around him, and develop his hand-eye co-ordination. Choose between stacking beakers (which need sorting by size to successfully complete), bricks or a set of rings of different sizes that fit over a pole. At first your baby will not be able to do them and will need you to show him how. He may then copy you or he may just like to watch or to knock yours down. Over the next few months he will get more proficient at stacking and sorting
  • Soft toys: offer him soft toys with interesting textures and shapes attached. He will use his mouth to explore them, and pass them from hand to hand
  • Mirror: babies find their own reflection fascinating. Choose a safe, unbreakable mirror specially designed for babies

Developmental tests at 6-9 months

The timing and the range of these tests vary from one health authority to another. But your health visitor will be able to tell you what happens where you live.

The tests at six to nine months include:

  • A hearing test
  • A check on physical development
  • An assessment of your baby’s social skills
  • A check on his hand-eye co-ordination
  • An assessment of his ability to understand

itulah serba sedikit about baby's development during 6-9 months old....taken from http://www.babyworld.co.uk

26 February 2009

sleeping routine

now sarah have develop a new sleeping routine.....ptg after 8pm tido jap until 9 or 10pm, then bgn, kul 12pm tido balik (bwh ketiak mak)....then around 3 or 3.30 am bgn until subuh....aiyooo...mendera aku....dark circle kat mata ni dah makin byk....

23 February 2009

sarah's bed (a.k.a baby cot)

finally i bought sarah a baby cot untuk diletak kat ofis...at least she has a better place to sleep n play.....

18 February 2009


last nite me n my hubby went to clinic @ Gombak after my hubby kena warn so many times by me sbb malas nak gi clinic....we went around 10.30pm...ada la a few patients yang menunggu dgn patient nyer....kan last blog i told you that my hubby was down with a fever....nak jadikan cerita, mlm yg we all smp from penang tu, bdn my hubby mcm kena rashes...the whole body lak tu...i suh dia trs gi clinic, dia tak nak.....he went tomorrownya w/o telling the doc about the whole body rashes....i hangin aa....mlm tu jgk i bawa dia gi clinic....

bila dah smp our turn, masuk bilik doc, biasa la...doc akan tanya what's wrong with u......my hubby bgtau la dia ada rashes the whole body...doc tgk....rupanya MEASLES!!!!!i was so shocked!!!i dah risau...sbb i kan ada sarah....doc advice me n hubby that he need to stay away from our daughter for a while until dia betul2 sembuh...coz measles ni blh berjangkit...tambah lak my daughter lum dpt measles immunization coz that immunization given when she's turn 1 year old...my hubby dgn senangnya dapat MC from doc until this friday...tgh bersuka ria la dia....tp sian gak...sbb campak ni sakit sendi oo...

for those who are not sure what measles is.....malay term is DEMAM CAMPAK...here's the link for those who wants to know more about measles......


17 February 2009

back @ work after being in Penang

hi all....i'm back @ work after spending 3 days in Penang...Penat ooo....My mom dok bising....hari ni dah masuk keje...kalau gov servant hari ni still dpt cuti....as my mom said 'cuti perjalanan'....i diam jer la....my company is a private company....mana nak ikut gov...tak tau la...unless kalau ada mention dalam employer's act @ companies act.....i tak khatam lagi dua2 tu....hehehe....

gigi sarah dah makin menampakkan btg hidug nyer....Sarah now lagi giat mengigit...pantang betul ada benda dlm tangan dia...mesti sumbat masuk mulut...last nite went back to KL from Penang ngan Fireflyz....first time naik Fireflyz...our flight was delayed for 1 hour...a few passangers bising...my hubby kebetulan demam....gelisah lah dia...nak cepat balik...naik2 flight, ok la....tak de la sempit sgt....it only carries 72 passangers....seat lak dpt kat sebelah kipas....but not that noisy....alhamdulillah...sampai KL dengan selamatnya....

sedih sbb tak dpt nak anta my best friend further study @ OZ.....

antara aksi Sarah time gian mengigit

14 February 2009


in the last post i mentioned about Sarah had rash on her face.....yesterday we went to paediatrician @ Tawakal....he said it's not chicken pox, not campak and not dengue.....just rashes because she had fever last week and bdn dia panas dlm...so, the rashes starts to appear bila Sarah dah kebah demam....Alhamdulillah...kalau la dengue, berkampung kat hospital la jawab nya....lagipun Sarah is pretty much active and cheerful although she's having fever....menyusu pun byk....

Today me n Sarah n hubby going to Penang coz this Monday i have site valuation @ Batu Feringgi....saja gi awal...leh jln2 n jenguk sedara-mara kat sana....plus my mom,dad and youngest bro dah ada kat Penang...they all sampai last nite...Mom dpt kereta baru SAGA 1.3....menang contest anjuran mydin...so they all bawa jln la kereta tu...nak habaq kat sedara n kengkawan...my dad la yang beria...hehehehe...

SAGA 1.3 yang mami menang contest anjuran Mydin

13 February 2009


As u know, my Sarah is now beginning to grow teeth... I felt it masa balik kg last week...dia punya gila mengigit, everything that she can grab, dia akan gigit geram mcm tak penah gigit barang...bagi teether taknak...apa la perangai anak daraku sorg ni....hari tu maksu bagi main her handphone, smp berjemur handphone dia...mana tak nya...drowning ngan air liur sarah...padan muka maksu...

hari ni i realize sarah had mcm rashes on the face..punya i la risau...bawa jumpe doc, he said rashes biasa jer...kalau esok still ada rashes on her face, for sure i will take her to peaditrician....then i surf the net for symptoms for teething baby and this what i found:-

"Experts disagree about whether teething actually causes symptoms — like fussiness, diarrhea, and fever — or whether these common symptoms are not related to teething at all and just coincidentally appear at the same time as emerging teeth. Regardless, many parents maintain that their teething babies do experience discomfort (though some babies get through the process with no problems at all). The symptoms most likely to trouble a teether include:

• Drooling (which can lead to a facial rash)
• Gum swelling and sensitivity
• Irritability or fussiness
• Biting behavior
• Refusing food
• Sleep problems

Though many parents report that their babies have loose stools, runny noses, or a fever just before a new tooth arrives, most experts don't think teething is to blame for these symptoms. One who does is William Sears, pediatrician and author of The Baby Book. Sears believes that teething can cause diarrhea and a mild diaper rash because your baby's excessive saliva ends up in his gut and loosens his stools. Inflammation in the gums, he thinks, may cause a low fever (under 101 degrees Fahrenheit).

On the other hand, child development experts such as Penelope Leach assert that teething cannot cause fever, diarrhea, vomiting, or loss of appetite and that these are signs of illness that should be checked out. Noted pediatrician T. Berry Brazelton says such symptoms are probably due to an infection unrelated to teething, but that the stress associated with teething could make your child more vulnerable to infection right before a new tooth appears."- taken from www.babycenter.com.

it is true?????my mom also ckp kalau baby nak tumbuh gigi, she/he will have fever...1st thing my mom did masa i balik kg last week, she took bawang merah, cut the bottom and tenyeh the cut onion to the gum...what's the purpose, i lupa lak nak tanya....

this one was taken from http://www.thenewparentsguide.com/baby-teething.htm

Which teeth comes first and how many with there be?

The following is the most common pattern in which your baby’s teeth will usually appear.




6 to 7 months


Two central bottom & Two central top teeth.

7 to 9 months

Two more incisors

Top & bottom; making four top & four bottom teeth in all.

10 to 14 months

First molars

Double teeth for chewing

15 to 18 months


The pointed teeth or “fangs”

2 to 3 years

Second molars

The second set of double teeth at the back

not all babies have the same symptoms and the amount of teeth grow....Teeth Sarah baru skiiiiitt jer yg nmpk...blm tumbuh the whole teeth lagi....tapi kalau dia gigit sakit ooo....i'll be monitoring sarah's growing teeth from time to time...harap Sarah takde la kuat sgt demam kalau nak tumbuh the next coming teeth....

10 February 2009

sarah demam

me n my sis went back to Kota Bharu on last friday....my mom buat kenduri on Sat...on Sunday find out badan Sarah a bit warm...bring her to my cousin (pediatrician, hope i spell it right)...gave her paracetamol...but until today still demam...risau betul...nenek bgtau "kot2 demam nak tumbuh gigi"...yer ker? tumbuh gigi blh demam ek?is there any medical explaination kalau nak tumbuh gigi demam???tapi teeth Sarah mmg tgh nak grow pun...sakit oo kalau dia buat geram expecially at .........(moms should know what to feel in the blank, hehehe)...hopefully by tomorrow she's getting better....lagi pun dok bgtau i nak tinggalkan dia ngan tok n nenek kat KB...dia risau la tu kot...smp demam2...last2 decide not to leave her @ KB.....tgk lah, kalau esok dia dah betul2 sihat.....esok gak balik KL....if not, tgu smp Sat la baru balik KL.....

muka moyok sbb demam tapi still comel n adorable.....

01 February 2009

dropping by..